To all our patients,


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The First Contact Team


Our Purpose

To help, to improve and preserve our patients' vision.

Our Promise

To provide each of our customers with the best care, the best service and the best products that we possibly can.


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We all rely on our eyes and good eyesight in almost every aspect of our daily lives. Access to information through reading or television depends on clear vision, while life itself can depend on the ability to see properly while driving, or just walking in busy streets.

Our aim is to provide you with a thorough sight examination to ensure that the health and vision of your eyes remain at an optimum level, to maintain your quality of life, for the rest of your life. At First Contact Opticians, we are qualified and equipped to provide you with the best form of vision correction, designed with your individual needs in mind.

To ensure that you receive the best possible care, our staff includes experts in the fields of sight examination, contact lens fittings and spectacle frame and lens dispensing.