Caring For Your Contact Lenses

Developments in lens care products have now made it easier than ever to keep your contact lenses clean, comfortable and safe from harmful bacteria. These three simple steps should result in trouble-free use:

1. Clean your contact lenses daily
This will remove dust, pollution, make-up and other things that may accumulate on the lens in daily wear.

2. Disinfect your contact lenses daily
Disinfecting your lenses will ensure they are free from any micro-organisms still on the lens after cleaning.


3. Weekly protein removal
This breaks down protein deposits that are produced naturally in everyone’s tears. If you don’t do this the performance and life of the lens could be reduced. Your practitioner will advise as to the necessity and frequency of this routine.

There are now one-step solutions available that make the hygiene routine even easier. Always remember that if your eyes feel uncomfortable, sore or irritable, you should take your lenses out and make an appointment to see your eyecare practitioner.

If in any doubt, always seek advice from your practitioner.

Useful tips

Always wash, rinse and dry your hands thoroughly before handling lenses, avoiding perfumed or medicated soaps.

Always use contact lens solution. Never use tap water, bottled water, saliva or any other liquids to rinse, store or re-wet lenses or to clean your lens case.

Always check with your practitioner before changing care products as some solutions may be incompatible with certain lenses.

Always wear goggles if you go swimming with your lenses in.

Don’t neglect the lens case. When not in use clean it daily with saline or multi-purpose solution (not tap water) and leave to air dry. Replace it at least every month.